Round Wood Table. Gluing Down the Veneers. Part 4


When the veneer sections were edge glued as shown in the last post, they were fit tight to each other.  In the long plan there is an inlaid strip that goes over the joint area and connects with the inside and outside key blocks of the edge banding.  From the  board clamped on a section line we set 5 of the 6 sections in place and marked the outer table edge on the veneer.   We then spread Weldwood solvent based contact cement and when it was time to set them in place, we used strips of formica underneath so we could position the sections accurately.  We set one section at a time, not worrying about the joint between sections because of the future inlay. After 5 sections were laid, we final fit the last section and then glued in place.

Time to fit the last section

Tools for testing the bond.

The sections were rolled and pounded with a block and hammer. A light stick of wood was used to tap on the veneers to find any spots that needed more pressure. Using the wood as a drumstick you can hear the hollow spots.

Bottom Side Veneers

The bottom side veneers after they were trimmed.

The top was then turned over to do the topside.



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