Round Wood Table. Steambending the Edge. Part 5

Early on in the table process, we set up and steam bent all the inner and outer edge bands. This was done to give the pieces an adequate time to dry after the bending process. Some years ago, I did much reading and study on the process of steam bending and built a setup as [...]

Round Wood Table. Gluing Down the Veneers. Part 4

  When the veneer sections were edge glued as shown in the last post, they were fit tight to each other.  In the long plan there is an inlaid strip that goes over the joint area and connects with the inside and outside key blocks of the edge banding.  From the  board clamped on a [...]

Round Wood Table, The Sawn Veneers. Part 3

For this table we are going to do a pinwheel layout with a random match since we cannot get enough veneers out of any one board.  To make the veneer manageable for gluing to the ground (table top), the top was divided into 6 section to be divided by an inlay that ended at key [...]

Round Wood Table, Getting The Top Buttoned Up. Part 2

Before filling out with the honeycomb material, the round inner and outer edges needed to be trued.  We made a curved sanding block by taking a piece of 8/4 poplar and tracing a curve and then cutting close on the bandsaw. We then used 80 grit 3M stickit paper  attached to the table edge to [...]

How To Construct An 8″ Round Table With Lazy Susan Part 1

This series of posts will show the construction process of the 8″ Diameter round table will an inset lazy susan.  Following are 2 drawing of the basic math and cross section of the top.     An important step is to build a platform without any twist (wind) that would translate into the top. Cross [...]

Carving on a hollow ball

  The biggest challenge for me so far, other than doing the layout drawing was to figure out how to hold the ball while carving and not break it since the glue joints are so small.    This jig allowed me to support the ball from the part of the ball taking the pressure of [...]

Round dining table with inset lazy susan

This is a concept model for an 8′ round dining table with an inset lazy susan.  The top will be veneered with shop sawn radially laid walnut veneers in 6 separate sections. The edge banding inside and out will be steam bent black walnut. The table top is 2 1/4″ thick with a multilayer resin impregnated honeycomb core for strength and [...]

How To Make A Box For Turning

In the last posts, I outlined the method of mounting and turning  a hollow wooden ball.  Going backwards a little, these are the basic order of events that I use to make the box for turning. I just finished a run of 8 balls made out of woods of different thicknesses. Using the proportion formula [...]